Thursday, December 13, 2007

rock out

Here are some photos from the house I put roofing on and dug out underneath...and "relaxation time" last saturday

This is the first day...and that's me up on the roof!

About to visit "push up city" with Libby

The area that we dug out...I think this is after we were done because it looks really good...

Oh, and here is me unloading dirt!

WE ARE FINALLY DONE!!!! I know the pile doesn't look too big from this picture...but it was huge. Really.

Aaaaand this is the caulking group. Aren't we bad ass??

Here we are heading out to the water! Isn't it a beautiful beach?

Relaxing a bit on Saturday night...Joe, Maggie, and Me!

Wee! Fun!

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