Friday, December 7, 2007

1 week down

Here I am, Friday evening, full week of work under my belt...and all I did was laundry. Sheer exhaustion--I don't think I have ever felt like this in my life. My body aches, my mind doesn't work too well.......and I feel great! I feel proud that I helped dig an enormous amount of dirt out from under a house (for the garage to be layed), I put up half of a ROOF, I caulked up a storm, and painted like crazy.

Never have I done so much in one week for such a good cause.

The house that I was working on this week is a brand new home for a one-legged Vietnam veteran and his wife. Prior to the storm, they lived in their (old) home for 32 years. As with many of the homes in the area, it was destroyed during Katrina and the couple could not afford to rebuild. They've moved into 5 different FEMA trailers over the course of the past 2 years and are now in a FEMA "cottage." It must be amazing for them to finally be watching a home go up. I feel so fortunate to be a part of their future. My sweat is actually going into their home.

We haven't had a lot of time to explore Biloxi other than our drive to and from work, which is beautiful. It goes right along the coast--we see the sun set over the water almost every day! Tomorrow we are doing an ISP (individual service project--we need 80 hours) with another organization down here--not sure what we will be doing, but it'll likely be interesting!

As people always say when they experience something like this, there simply are no words. The people I am with are so unique and amazing...I have yet to figure out how to describe them. But, they are making this for me. Each with their own quirks and hilarities--more laughing than I have ever known.

I am counting my blessings tonight, every night. I know that whatever happens in my life is happening for a reason and the connections I make and have with others are everlasting.

So thankful. SO joyous. So loved.

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Em Abfalter said...

I'm going to be on the Perry Point campus next month, and I just wanted to tell you how much reading your blog has helped me realize what we do in the americorps and how we help people.