Thursday, November 29, 2007

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This is Maggie and me when we were at camp in the Redwoods during CTI. We're throwing up the 4's for Gold 4 (our team)...and sporting our coveralls, which make me feel INVINCIBLE!


I am in Shreveport, Louisiana! Tomorrow we drive to Biloxi. Our iternerary thus far goes as follows:

1st night: Needles, CA (not much to report)

2nd night: Albuquerque (sp?), NM (Again, not too exciting...although we did get to stay in a Days Inn..big step up from Motel 6 the night before)

3rd night: Abilene, TX (we went bowling (!!!!) and it was quite the experience...and also had a voluntary dance party afterwards which was quite entertaining)

TONIGHT: Went to the Louisiana Boardwalk...basically an outdoor shopping center...HOWEVER, xmas music was playing and I got to dance all over and that made my night. Simply amazing.

Despite being crammed into a 15 passenger van, driving across country, this is one of the best times I have had since....CTI! Ha! Life just keeps getting better, I swear.

When we get to Biloxi, we will have some veg/tourist time on Saturday and then we have orientation on Sunday. Monday (my birthday!) we begin WORK! Yayyyyy!!!

I think it is quite fitting that I start work on my birthday. What a perfect way to begin my 23rd year, right? Doing what I love? Could it BE any better??!

There is a lot of joy bursting out of my being right now. Not sure if I can handle it!

Let me know if you have any questions about what I am going to be doing, I know I haven't been updating very much or explaining things too well...

I love you all and miss you. I hope everyone is smiling BIG!

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wisse said...

Oh Katrin~ I am so glad to read an update from you! Do you know whose houses you are building? How long are you going to be in Mississippi? I am too glad that you will beginning your soul's mission for hands on helping on your birthday, it is such a gift that you have this experience and have so far received many other gifts in the making too! hurray! If I forget to mention it on your actual day (because its finals for me now and that equals very little coming out of me, more cramming in) HaPPY BiRthDAY!! I loves you and I loves your enthusiasm and continual positive outlook, its a beauuuutiful thing. Like a beauuutiful girl. So enjoy your day and cheers to a new year of you!!