Saturday, November 3, 2007


I am absolutely exhausted but I thought I'd do a quick update to let everyone know my latest news....

I am going to Biloxi, Mississippi for my first spike (project)!! My team will be working for Northern Virginia Habitat for Humanity...we will hopefully build 9-10 houses, pretty much all of the way through! AH! I am so excited and so happy to be doing this. I can't wait to leave. Apparently Biloxi is less than 2 hours from New Orleans...and close to the water. We will be in an urban environment, living at a Lutheran Church with one room for us, one bathroom/shower inside, and 2 shower trailers outside. They will provide us with meals (bfast and dinner) Sunday through Friday but there may not be veggie I will see how that goes!

Today (7:30-5) I volunteered at a kids carnival/festival at a nearby school--ran the duck pool game--and saw lots of great children. It was fun and felt great to be doing something rather than sitting on my butt all day on my day off. Tomorrow I am running a 5k in a supposedly beautiful area (Apple Hill, anyone?) and am pretty excited about that as well!

Things are busy and FUN and I am really feeling great about my team and the work we will be doing together.


Off for a nap. :)

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