Friday, October 5, 2007

Things are still flat. And windy. The cat is getting used to the leash...I'll work on a photo of that for those who are interested. :)

Last night, after dealing with that fat cat, I took some time to look up at the sky and see the stars--without all of the lights from a city. I saw a shooting star and as silly as it sounds, made a wish. I stood there for probably 15 minutes and I let a lot of things out. It was surreal--feeling that wind whip around me from every direction-- letting so many emotions come and go at once. I tried to banish all of the hurt, I sent it away in the wind. With each deep breath of that wind I breathed in a new life. Things will be sent away, never to be seen again, and it will all be better!

I have 12 days and I will be in Sacramento. Lots to do! So much to pack! Jesse is letting me borrow his huge North Face duffel bag...I think I could fit in it if I tried... not to be completely filled up, but it is nice to have the extra space.

Gosh, I am ready for a big change. These 12 days can't go fast enough, now that time has stopped.

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