Thursday, October 11, 2007


I received my flight itinerary today...I'll be into Sacramento at 1:09pm on Wednesday! Ah! It's real, I am actually going to do AmeriCorps. It's finally here. All this time waiting and it is finally (almost) here. I even took out my eyebrow piercing today to make it official (we can't have facial piercings while in the program, or at least while we are working, which is basically all the time). That was a little sad, but I got over it pretty quick when I realized the reason!

I also tried to put to rest this past relationship, tried to be sad for the last time, and am doing my best to move on. I sent off his things, said my goodbyes. It is sad how it all turned out--angry and disconnected--but this is probably the only way it could ever be final.

My grandparents, my mother, and I went out on a drive to the country this evening. It was really fun to hear my grandpa tell me stories about the old houses out there and where he once went to his country school teacher's for dinner. I complain about the wind here and sometimes about the backwardness, but when it comes down to it, this place is my history. My family has been here for generations and my blood is in this soil. How many people can say that? Can know specifically where their great grandparents did this or that? I can, and it means a lot.

Tonight as I watched the (gorgeous) sunset, I felt completely at peace. Thank goodness for family.

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