Tuesday, October 23, 2007

it goes in waves

A few of us went to San Francisco on Sunday, which was a fun adventure. We took the Greyhound bus there and back, which turned out to be just right. When we got there, we did some of the touristy things--rode the trolley car down to the waterfront/piers, chinatown...some of them went to Ghirardelli (i played in the water instead). It was fun but exhausting, mostly because there was so much more that I wanted to see--more of the true innerworkings of the city, not just the tourist spots. From the moment I stepped off the bus, I felt like I could live in that area--the city is beautiful and it (at least seemed) like the people are pretty friendly. I would like to go there with someone who has lived there, to see things that most do not--to get away from all of the crazy tourists! Overall, though, it was fun and a good thing to do on my day off.

My attitudes towards this program definitely go in waves. I hope that things start to even out a bit as I try to stay positive and keep the big picture in mind. So far there has been a lot of sitting in classrooms learning policy.

I am tired of these uniforms because they represent only uniformity. There is no individuality allowed, and this drives me absolutely up the wall. I guess the expectations that I had centered around a lot of free-loving liberals who wanted to save the world........and that isn't exactly what I am finding. We are all here for different reasons, we all come from different backgrounds. Needless to say, this is a big learning experience for me and I am sure this is just the start!

And then there are the dorms. Exactly like freshman year of college--roommate and all. And that is exhausting. We all know how much I enjoy living by myself. HA. I am saying goodbye to that quickly. :) However, I think it will be different once we are out on Spike and it is everyone living together. I don't know why I think it will be different.......but I keep telling myself that. ;)

Reading through this, I realize I sound fairly negative about the program, when in actuality it is largely positive. On Saturday we are participating in Make a Difference Day and will be helping out with community gardens in the area. I am excited to actually be doing something hands-on. I need this sort of things in order to be able to stand all the classroom sitting we are doing. :) And, I have met some really fun people who have allowed me to laugh and be myself, which is great.

Team selection is tomorrow evening and I am both excited and nervous. Wish me luck!

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wonderskirt said...

you know i would have loved to show you around, katrina. i would have taken you to the best view of the city, and then to eat the best pizza west of italy. or a seriously amazing burrito. oh my god, i miss burritos.

next time!