Tuesday, October 2, 2007

the flattest state around

I'm in Kansas. Wish I had some pictures but basically a vast blue sky and flat flat ground sums it up pretty well. The wind never seems to stop blowing and time is slower here. It's a whole different world!

We've moved the stuff into the house but the title has yet to go through so we can't exactly set up residence yet. Calypso (the cat) is living in our car and I take him for little walks around the grandparents' backyard (on his leash).

I've been asking for so long for time to stop, for a chance to catch up, and I feel I may be getting that time now. I am healing, surrounded by family and wide open spaces. Lots of time to think on the drive out here (in between the license plate game with Jesse). I am ready for big changes, the single life, for spontaneity, for PT (!), temporary housing, even steel-toed boots.

Mark my words: I will thrive.


Annie said...

i am excited for your adventures, katrina! you are wonderful!

wonderskirt said...

i would like to see a photograph of your cat on a leash.

yogamom said...

Hi Katrina, I am enjoying reading your blog. I feel closer to your experience having this writing to see through your eyes and hear your thoughts. Love, Linda